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Killer Darts Rules - Dart Games - Dart Shop

Killer Darts


Killer Darts Overview

•  Players throw a dart with their non-dominate hand to determine their number. No two players can have the same number.
•  Each player has three lives, once your double is hit three times you're out of the game.
•  Once you hit a double of your number you become a killer. A Killer can take lives from all players, including other Killers.
•  The last person with lives left wins the game.


How to Play Killer Darts

Number of Players: Killer is usually played with three or more people.

Numbers in Play:  In Killer, the players determine the numbers used.  Each player begins by throwing one dart with their non-dominant hand (right-handers throw left-handed). The number hit then becomes that player's own number. If a player misses the dart board or hits a number already taken, the player throws again.

Rules of the Game:  Each player first tries to hit the double of their own number.  When players score a double on their own number, the player then becomes a "Killer". On the scoreboard, killers receive a K placed after their name.  After becoming a killer, a player begins aiming for the doubles of opponents' numbers.  Each player has three lives. Whenever a killer hits an opponents' double the opponent loses one life.  If a killer hits their own double by mistake, they lose one life; so it is possible to kill yourself by accident. It is also possible to kill an opponent in one exceptional three dart turn by throwing three doubles.  The game progresses until only one person has any lives left.

How to Win at Killer: The last person who has any lives left is the winner.


Example Killer Darts Game:

Players are assigned a number by throwing one dart with their left. Player 1 hits the 13, Player 2 hits the 20 and Player 3 hits the 4.

Player 1 opens the game with hitting D13, S3 and D4.
At the end of Player 1's first turn, they have become a Killer and have also taken one life from Player 3. Score: 3:3:2

Player 2 throws a S2, D2 and D13.
Player two has missed their double 20 and hasn't become a Killer. Score: 3:3:2

Player 3 throws a D4, D3 and D13.
Player 3 has become a killer and took one life from Player 1. Score: 2:3:2

The match will continue until only one player has lives left.


Variations of Killer Darts

This game is versatile and can be altered to suit player’s skill level. You can try a different variation to also make the game more exciting and fun.
Killer Straight Off 
In this version all players start out as Killers.
Killer Darts with Triples
Played the same as conventional Killer but players use the triple ring instead of the double ring. 
Killer - Lose your Status
In this variation, Killers who hit their own double lose their killer status. Players must hit their double again to reclaim their Killer status. 
Killer Darts - Holes in the Numbers
In this variation of Killer you hit the holes in the numbers (8, 9, 16, 10 20 etc.). 
Killer Darts - Blind Killer
In this variation you don’t know who owns which number.

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