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Dart Flight Shapes

Dart flights come in a range of shapes and sizes, the most commonly used being Standard (STD). Flights are designed for different types of throws, darts and speed. Usually they differentiate in surface area and aerodynamic shapes. 

Ultimately, flight shape preference is determined by experimenting and testing out different shapes and sizes.

dart flight shapes

Flights with Large Surface Area 

Large surface area flights are the most commonly used because they are good for softer throws and they also help to straighten and stabilise the path of the dart. Large surface area darts include Tomahawk and Standard shaped dart flights.

Large surface area flights are good for players who use: 

•    Steel Tip Darts

•    Heavy Weighted Darts

•    Longer Dart Shafts

Flights with Small Surface Area 

Flights with a smaller surface area are generally used by players who prefer lighter weighted darts that have harder and straighter throws.  Smaller flights will help reduce drag, bounce-outs and tight groupings which can damage your flights. These darts include Slim, Tomahawk Slim, Pear/ Teardrop and Kite shaped dart flights.

Small surface area flights are good for players who use:

•    Soft Tip Darts

•    Lighter Weighted Darts

•    Shorter Dart Shafts

What are the most common flight shapes?

Tomahawk Flights have an increased surface area for greater stability of the dart in flight.

Standard Flights give maximum stability to straighten the path of the dart due to its large surface area.

Pear / Teardrop Flights allow maximum lift and reduces drag to keep the tail of the dart down.

Kite Flights have a smaller surface area, giving the dart less drag for a faster flying speed.

Arrowhead Flights have a low profile fin design for maximum throw speed. 

Tomahawk Slim Flights have a reduced surface area for minimum resistance suitable for harder and straighter throws.

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