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Cricket Darts Game | Dart Games | Dart Shop

Cricket Darts Game

Cricket Darts Rules of Play OverviewCricket darts score sheet

•    Cricket is played with the bullseye (outer Bullseye will count 25 points and an inner Bullseye will count 50 points).

•    The object will be to close the numbers in play (cricket numbers: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and the bullseye) in any order before your opponents.

•    The player/team that closes all numbers and the Bullseye first, and has a greater or equal point score, wins.

•    All general rules of play will apply.


How to Play Cricket Darts

Required Players:

At least two players or two teams.

Teams: Cricket can be played in teams of two or more. It can also be played with more than two teams. With multiple teams players can use a variation that uses penalty points, this version is commonly known as cut-throat scoring.

Cricket Numbers:  15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and the bullseye.

Objective: Players need to own / close all the Cricket Numbers on the dartboard. To win the game players/teams need to close all numbers first or get the highest point score total.

How to Own/Close an Inning: Each player or team takes turns throwing three darts. The first player/team to score that number three times then ‘owns’ it and they can continue scoring on that number until the opponent also hits it three times to close it, only then is that number removed from play. 

Scoring:  Each number and bullseye are required to be hit three times by a player or team to be owned/open. Doubles will count as two hits and triples as three. To close the bullseye, the outer bull counts as a single and inner bull counts as a double. When a player or team owns a number, doubles will count as twice the numerical value and triples will count as three times the numerical value. The owned number will be open for further scoring until the opposing team hits it three times to close it.

Cricket Darts Game Rules

To start a game, players or teams will all throw one dart, whoever gets closest to the bullseye goes first.

Players can own/close the Cricket Numbers in any order they want. Players are also not required to call their shot.

Players are responsible for verifying their score before removing the darts from the dartboard.

Only the Cricket Numbers can be opened/closed. All other numbers are not in play and will not result in points.

Players cannot adjust scores after the next players turn, these scores will not count.

How to Win at Cricket Darts

1. The player or team that closes all innings first and has accumulated the most points.

2. If players or teams are equal on points or have no points, the first side to close all innings will be the winner.

3. If a player or team closes all innings first, but are behind in points, they must continue to score on any innings open until either the point deficit is made up, or the opponent has closed all innings.


Cricket Darts Example Gameplay

•    Player 1 opens the game by throwing a triple 15, then a single 15 and a single 17.
     At the end of Player 1's turn, 15 is opened and he has scored 15 points. 17 needs two more hits to open it.
     Score: 15 – 0 (as the player hit an S15 after opening)

•    Player 2 throws next and hits a single 15, the triple 15 and a triple 18.
     At the end of Player 2's turn, 15 is closed, but he does not score since player 1 already opened it, and the 18 is opened.
     Score: 15 – 0 (as player 2 closed the 15s and hitting a number that is already closed so it does not score any points. The player also opened 18)

•    Player 1 now tries to open the 18s but hits the single 1, single 4 and the single 9.
     At the end of player 1's turn, there is no score change.
     Score: 15 – 0 (Cricket Numbers only include 15-20 and the Bullseye)

•    Player 2 throws a triple 18, a single 19, and a double 19.
     At the end of Player 2's turn, he has opened the 18s, the 19s, and has scored 54 points (triple 18).
     Score: 15 – 54.

•    Player 2 can continue to score on the 18s and 19s on each of his turns until player 1 closes them.

The game continues until all the Cricket Numbers are closed. If one player or team is the only one with open numbers remaining and are also leading in points, the winner can be called early as it is impossible for others to catch up.

Cut-Throat Cricket Darts (Multiple Teams Variation)

The cut-throat version is where points are undesirable and the team who closes all the innings first and has the lowest or equal point score is declared the winner. Penalty points are given when a player or team begins scoring on their owned/closed numbers and the points go to all opponents who have that number open.​

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