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51 by 5s Dart Rules - Dart Games - Dart Shop

51 by 5’s Dart Game

This dart game is also known as ALL FIVES.

51 by 5’s Overview:

The score for each turn is determined by the number of fives hit. If a player gets 20 points on a turn, the score is 4 because 20 divided by 5 equals 4.
If your total score for a three dart round is not divisible by 5, then your score for that round is zero.
If any dart misses the board entirely, all three darts thrown in that round do not count.
Players must score exactly 51 points using all three darts on their final throw to win.

How to Play 51 by 5’s

Number of Players: Any number can play.

Numbers in Play: All the numbers on the dart board are used including triples, doubles and bulls.

Rules of Play: The score for each turn is determined by the number of fives hit. For example, if a player gets 15 points on a turn, the score is 3 because 15 divided by 5 equals 3. If points received from a turn is not divisible by 5, the score for that turn is zero. If one dart misses the dart board then the score for that round is also zero. It is possible to get points that are divisible by 5 that aren’t multiples of 5.

How to Win at 51 by 5’s: The winner is the first player to score fifty-one fives and all three darts must score on the last turn. 

Example 51 by 5’s Game Play

Player 1 throws three darts, T5, S2 & S8.
Total Points: 15 + 2 + 8 = 25 then 25 divided by 5 = 5
Score = 5

Player 2 throws three darts, S5, S10 & D16.
Total Points: 5+10+32 = 47 then 47 divided by 5 = 9.4
Score cannot be equally divided by 5.
Score = 0

The game will continue until one player reaches 51 first. Players must use all three darts to reach 51. If the next player also reaches 51 on the same round, the match then becomes a draw.

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